Thank you!

JetLAG Festival 2016 is over, but the trace of PANGEA - the universe that we dreamed up and collectively created still remains.

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in building this 3 day dream-world:

to everyone who danced, who sang, who worked, and who imbued their energy and spirit into the island to make it such a special and unique space this weekend -

our deepest and eternal thanks.


Thank you to all of the participants, collaborators, performers, workshop leaders, crew, volunteers, and organizers who made the dream a reality.


We could not have done it without you.


Healing Village

Thank you to the folks at the Healing Village, our predecessors, who worked with us to give us the resources (materials) and memory to create PANGEA this year. We have nothing but respect for all that you do for the community and we thank you for coming and making the Healing Village so alive and amazing. Thank you Dina Ostrovsky for organizing every workshop, to Deya, and to Dima Kusudama for the Chakra Showers and support throughout this whole project. 




Thank you to the 50+ musicians and performers who came to the PANGEA stage to give us music to listen and dance to under the sun all weekend long. I hope our gratitude reaches out to all of you incredible artists, wherever you are 


Eden Creative

Thank you to the beautiful souls of Eden Creative, who drove all the way down from Montreal to support the fest and contribute their energy to it. Thank you for your spectacular performance of Blood Moon, your incredible immersive Geodesic Dome, and Tron Sepia for igniting our fires.