Process Work with Dina Ostrovsky

Curator of PANGEA Workshop Series

Transcend your fears: mask making workshop

Shamanic power journey and mandala drawing


About Dina Ostrovsky

Dina Ostrovsky weaves modern psychology, creative expression, and ancient spiritual Earth practices into her transformational programs.  She is a Shamanic Healer initiated in the Eastern European Tuva Lineage and is currently a candidate for a Master’s Degree in Process Oriented Psychology. For the last 15 years she has also been practicing under masters of Tibetan Buddhism and Qigong. Upon returning to the States after working in Costa Rica as the Director of a holistic addiction rehab center, she is currently practicing in the East Coast as a transformational coach, therapist, and family constellation facilitator. She is also the founder and director of Ursa Travel Club, and leads spiritual travel adventures around the world.

“The Art and Science of Transformation has become my career and my passion. I am honored to assist others on this path with my knowledge, vision, and experience.” More info at



Process-Oriented Psychology or Process Work as developed by Dr. Arnold Mindell ( is an awareness practice centered in the belief that the solution to a problem is contained within the disturbance itself. It is an innovative approach to individual and collective change that brings psychology, spirituality, and creative expression together in a single paradigm. It provides practical tools and interventions to reveal deeper meaning and patterns in challenging experiences.


Ecstatic Breathing with Luba Saraswati

Ecstatic Breath as the Tantric Pulse of Life

This is not the calm breathing of meditation or yoga. Several kinds of breathing techniques are very simple yet effective for moving into a ‘zone’ of body/mind unity. But one breath pattern in particular, works like magic for getting us back in touch with our sexual-side and our compressed sexual energy.

Get ready for full body bliss

About Luba Saraswati

Teacher and inspiration to hundreds of people, Luba represents the ancient wisdom and modern knowledge/expertise necessary to educate, empower and spark spiritual practitioners of the 21st century to seize the whole new dimension of possibilities and become true creators of their world. Founder of the acclaimed Galiana Meditation Retreat and Anima Mundi Institute, writer and speaker on the subjects of wellness, personal growth and tantric sexuality, she believes that life is sacred and every moment of it is priceless.


Learn what your inner masculine and feminine feel like, sound like and look like. Do they like each other, do they hear each other, do they act in harmony? Learn how to turn on your masculine or feminine as needed - to be in full presence, like a rock in the middle of the storm or .. to flow, let go and improvise. You will learn the art of structured improvisation, where feminine dances in the container provided by the masculine - necessary skills to achieve anything you want with ease and grace.


Wabi-Sabi and Art: EMBRACING Imperfections

"Chalice", Original Work by Maya Malioutina

"Chalice", Original Work by Maya Malioutina

Wabi-Sabi and Art:

Embracing imperfection, impermanence,
and natural flow
through abstract art techniques

with Maya Maliotina


About the Workshop:

Embrace your own creative flow through imperfection, natural flow and spontaneous experiment.
This is what Wabi-Sabi is all about.
We will tap into our intuition and vulnerability, and create meditative art from that unique place, without worrying about judgments or perfection.
We will discuss the philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, and the concepts of natural beauty, impermanence, acceptance of the natural cycle of growth, decay and death. 

About Maya Malioutina:

Maya Malioutina is a full time artist with studios in the Dumbo section of Brooklyn and peaceful countryside of Pennsylvania. With degrees in English and Russian Literature, her art reflects those interests, as well as her fascination with her mythopoetic heritage. Manhattan Arts International recently selected Maya as a Featured Artist in its online Reading Room. Renee Phillips, author and editor-in-chief of Manhattan Arts International stated, “Rich in texture, boldness and dichotomy, Maya Malioutina’s engaging paintings explore universal themes of creation, life, struggle, and transformation.

Like the artist Antoni Tàpies, Maya creates her art in the style of ‘pintura matérica’, in which non artistic materials are incorporated into the paintings. She brings intuitive form and resonant poetry to her work with integrity and intensity. Maya has exhibited her work in several galleries and alternative venues in New York, NY such as SoHo 20 Gallery and the Pen & Brush gallery. The artist and her artwork are featured in Nancy Reyner’s book “Acrylic Illuminations: Reflective and Luminous Acrylic Painting Techniques”. She has also been included in articles in Professional Artist magazine. 

To learn more about Maya’s work, please visit her website:

What is Wabi-Sabi?

Pared down to its barest essence, wabi-sabi is the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in nature, of accepting the natural cycle of growth, decay, and death. It's simple, slow, and uncluttered-and it reveres authenticity above all. Wabi-sabi is flea markets, not warehouse stores; aged wood, not Pergo; rice paper, not glass. It celebrates cracks and crevices and all the other marks that time, weather, and loving use leave behind. It reminds us that we are all but transient beings on this planet-that our bodies as well as the material world around us are in the process of returning to the dust from which we came. Through wabi-sabi, we learn to embrace liver spots, rust, and frayed edges, and the march of time they represent.



Mobile Sauna at JetLAG Festival

“Step into a sauna, and close the door to the rest of the world.”

Experience Rejuvenation and Well Being AT our Finnish Sauna (Banya) at PANGEA'S Healing Village!


The banya experience is only $10 if you register in advance.
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Circle Healing Prayer Ceremony with Siberian Shamans

Circle Healing Prayer Ceremony with Siberian Shamans Lilelle and Ladamira

Join us on Sunday morning
as we prayer together in a circle meditation for peace on earth



The Circle Healing Prayer Ceremony for Peace on Earth is a one of a kind technique for group meditative prayer practice rooted in ancient Slavic wisdom.
Guided by two Siberian Shamans, the ceremony is a hugely successful, unique approach to unlocking the potential of our Consciousness for Healing and Self Development.

As a special gift, the workshop will start with a meditative journeying to the magical places of subconscious world through integration of sound vibration of shamanic music instruments.




Ladamira is a ninth generation holistic healer who was the first one of eight people on the whole planet to be initiated into the mysteries of Indo Tibetan healing method.

In 2014-2015, Ladamira organized and hosted charity seminars “Slavic Tradition” in CIS countries. In 2 decades of her educational and peacemaking work, Ladamira has carried out more than one thousand projects helping families and orphaned children.

Ladamira facilitated the monthly peacemaking social actions “Pray and save.” In total, she organized 16 tours to support war victims in Syria, Ukraine and India.

Ladamira is the author of online charity courses “Bereginya”, which teaches Slavic traditions of self healing and helping others.

Ladamira is the leader and organizer of charity Skype video conferences for children out of dysfunctional families, and as a result of her work more than 600 young people found their place in the world and formed happy families.

Ladamira is recognized as peacemaker by the Ukrainian Fond “Donbass Children.”

Ladamira has arranged more than 50 ceremonies for the world salvation.




Lilelle is a Priestess of Slavic shamanism, and founder of the international charity movement, 
Circle Healing Prayer.

Lilelle teaches seminars and does charity events throughout North/South America, Western/Eastern Europe and Asia.

 For the last 10 years she has been using GUYD hypnotherapy and powerful teachings from the Siberian Shamanism to conduct rituals and ceremonies encompassing all spheres of life; healing and harmonizing physical and spiritual health, relationships, and solutions to success.


Exploring Form through Color, Rhythm, and Contact dance

Art and Photography Credit: Katrina Gibbs

Art and Photography Credit: Katrina Gibbs





About the Workshop

- general techniques when approaching the art of body painting

- painting with/on partners

- capturing the feelings of the body art through contact dancing as a group


About the Artist







Ink Painting in the Zen Tradition

About the Workshop

The workshop is about rediscovering your natural ability to draw. We are going to learn how to connect the energy circulating in your body with the brush in your hand. Letting it flow through to our paper, we will create beautiful landscape ink drawings.


About the Artist

Sergey Voronin is an artist and art instructor with 15 years of teaching experience, specializing in drawing and watercolor. 



Contact Improvisation

Contact Improvisation with Alexandra Bayeva


Movement and touch can be a beautiful way of expressing yourself and connectingwith each other. Starting with the practice of listening to our own bodies and to bodies of others, we will then learn how to use point of contact, weight sharing, and momentum to create elegant partner dancing. Feel free to bring a partner or come on your own. No dance experience needed.

Yoga: Evolution of Asanas

Yoga: evolution of asanas
(with Irina Koti)

A practical yoga class, where we explore how each pose can be taken from a basic to a more advanced level and how this in turn changes our mental state.
Class will finish with meditation and chanting.


Irina Koti's mission is to teach amazing ancient yoga techniques that help students to cleanse their mind and body. Encouraging every student to become stronger, healthier, happier, and enabling them to help others do the same.

More about Irina


Sound Healing with Guy Yair Beider


Providing group and personal sound healing sessions and sound meditations at JetLAG Festival since 2011, Guy Beider returns this year to bring you another round of sweet, healing sound-bliss. 

About Guy Beider:

Guy has a Master's level certification in Himalayan sound healing arts from "Nine Ways Academy". For the past eight years, he has been studying and teaching sound healing. Trained in the Himalayan tradition, his inspiration and style was developed while working with shamans of the Amazon. He has facilitated over a hundred sound meditations, concerts, fundraisers, and informative workshops in the past five years.

What is Sound Healing?

Sound Healing is a healing modality used to return back to the physical, mental, and emotional body.

Using a variety of instruments including Tibetan Singing Bowls, the sound and music brings our physical, psychological and spiritual selves back into harmony. The harmonious frequencies and sound patterns produced by the singing bowls have been shown to affect a remarkable and swift improvement with physical, mental and emotional issues.


Rug Finger Knitting Workshop

Rug Finger Knitting
(From Recycled Clothes) 
arisa Litvinova

During the finger knitting workshop, we will recycle old clothes by cutting them into long ribbon-like pieces, and then finger knitt them in a circular fashion into a beautiful rug or meditation cushion. 

About Larisa Litvinova:

Larisa Litvinova is a crunch mom of three and an integrative physician.

Larisa loves working with hands- knitting, sewing, felting, painting etc. She wants to share this love with others because these practices bring peace of mind and internal happiness and satisfaction.

For the past several years, she has participated in JetLAG at a Kichari cooking workshop as well as kids activities workshops.

Chakra Shower with Kusudamas

The Kusudama Chakra Shower is a healing session where you balance your chakra system and activate you self-healing abilities with the help of Kusudamas.


What is a Kusudama?

Kusudama originates from ancient Japanese culture, where they were ornaments made with some herbs or flowers. They were traditionally used as a ball for incense or potpourri and were hung with prayers for longevity, for good health, and for good luck (fortune). It was a blessing for everything.

Later, the Japanese Kusudama become a paper model that is usually created by sewing or gluing multiple identical pyramidal units (usually stylized flowers) together through their points to form a spherical shape. Occasionally, a tassel is attached to the bottom for decoration. Traditionally, they were hung in front of mirrors, doors, and windows to protect the house and family from evil spirits.

The word "Kusudama" (薬玉) is a combination of two Japanese words "kusuri" 薬 - Medicine, Health and "tama" 玉 - Ball. So, the word itself means “Healing Ball”.


About Dmitri and Kusudama Lab

Kusudama Lab has been exploring and upgrading these Kusudamas since 2002, where they grew from a basic health-aid device to a powerful tool of balance, healing and transformation. 

In the basis of all their Kusudamas lie Platonic solids. These forms themselves attract powerful sources of Creation. Their Kusudamas also have the information of the Flower of Life, the property of Fibonacci Spirals, and other elements of Sacred Geometry.

Kusudamas have a high degree of symmetry which allows them to have.... a consciousness.


Traditional Slavic Energy Boost

Join us on Saturday and Sunday morning for an invigorating Slavic energy movement routine based on the Traditional ЗАРЯДКА


About Oleg:

OLEG was born and raised in Belarus. At the age of 20, he realized that he had inherited the gift of healing from his grandmother; he now has profound spiritual experiences as he heals people with the help of his hands and prayers. He has been practicing for over 25 years, and has over a decade of experience in the United States giving workshops and personal coaching.

He guides people through the Firewalk experience to activate their one fundamental power: the capacity to turn their fears and limitations into positively-focused action.