Big Mean Sound Machine


Big Mean Sound Machine formed in 2009 in Ithaca, New York with one goal: to create music that stimulates both Body AND Mind. Today, BMSM’s collective of over 15 analog artists spread out over the East Coast United States bring together musical languages of West Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and North America to create a lush bed of rhythm and harmony that embraces even the most hardcore fans of both Traditional Funk and Avant-Garde Jazz – and everyone in between!

Anyone who has witnessed Big Mean Sound Machine live knows that their performances are among the heaviest and the sweatiest. Those familiar with BMSM studio releases also knows that they can refine the complex sonic force of over a dozen individuals with maturity and clarity that allows each composition to blossom to its fullest. The Big Mean Sound Machine maintains a busy performance schedule, captivating cities all over the United States. For those like us who are tired of the status quo, there is good news:



Big Mean Sound Machine at Grassroots Festival

More on Big Mean Sound Machine here:


Flamingosis (the name comes from a free-style frisbee move that his father invented) is a New Jersey-based electronic music producer beatboxer, and DJ. Drawing on influences from producers such as Flying Lotus and J Dilla, as well as vintage funk and disco music.
Flamingosis creates engaging and soulful tracks and puts on an infectiously energetic live show.

With his new album “Great Hair” debuting as the #1 best-selling cassette album in all categories on Bandcamp, and over half a million plays of his slamming single “Football Head”, Flamingosis consistently creates music that will keep you hooked on his funkadelic vibes forever.


Mustelide is an alias of Natallia Kunitskaya from Belarus. Being a producer, singer and songwriter, she makes electronic-oriented experimental pop music.

As a producer, songwriter and singer, handling 2 synthesizers, a Groovebox, sampler and vocals in her solo live performances, she is really shaping and directing her artistic vision by herself. Spacey electronic atmospheres, groovy rhythms and sensual, shady vocals create a mysterious yet warm atmosphere.


About Mustelide:

“The electronic princess of Belarus”, as Mustelide is labeled by the press, is indeed a special personality in the Eastern European electro-pop scene.

She released her debut album “Secret” on Russian label Soyuz Music. It was featured on many Best Albums of 2014 lists in Belarus and Russia.

It also earned her Best Indie Pop / Electronic Album prize at awards, voted by Belarusian, Russian and European music critics.

At the same time, she is getting recognition in the West, having one of the Top 30 tracks of the San Francisco based SomaFM radio station.




Voted the Best Solo Artist 2015 by

Mustelide was invited to Slovenia, Russia, and Estonia to represent Belarus in multiple showcases.


Participated in many Belarusian and Russian festivals.

Mustelide was invited to Finland to participate in Lost in Music showcase

Mustelide is in the Top 30 tracks by spins and listeners of SomaFM radio station, San Francisco (the biggest american internet radio station)

Mustelide was invited to Lithuania to represent Belarus in Vilnius Music Week



“Secret” won the “Best Indie-Pop/Electronic Album” award at Experty.

“Secret” is among the few albums which got into 2014 Top 10 lists from all 4 juries involved in Experty.

Secret got to the Ultra Music's Top 10 best Belarusian albums of 2014

The most authoritative Russian magazine Volna Afisha ranked the song Na Derevo on its 100 best songs of 2014 list

Euroradio's nomination Best solo musician and Best debut of the year 2014

Wonderzine's Top 10 list of new music heroines from Eastern Europe

Premier place at NEW GALAXY City Music Fest in Minsk

Mustelide's got to the international internet-project Beehype, which includes musical journalists and critics from about 80 countries, as the first musician from Belarus

The debut album Secret's got to the Russian Top 10 albums list of September 2014 (ranked by one of the biggest Russian internet magazines

The Musician of the year 2014 by the authoritative belarusian internet magazine about electronic music.





Uhuru Afrika // DJ Adam Gibbons

Saturday All night dance party  -
DJ Adam Gibbons of Uhuru Afrika brings a unique blend of deep soulful
Afro- rooted House music to the pangea stage


About DJ Adam Gibbons:

Adam Gibbons - Creator and Resident DJ of Uhuru Afrika

Working in the industry for almost 20 years, Through mind, body and soul, Adam is a creative spirit and music lover. He strives to share his passion with the crowds he plays for and in the events that he produces. Specializing in an Afro-diasporic dance floor sound, his ability to blend traditional african rhythms with modern electronic influenced music creating a

soundscape that is his own. Adam has studied African hand percussion with Bob Bloom, Faculty Advisor at the Olatunji Institute, learning the Olatunji method of traditional Yoruba percussion as well as Malian Manding tradition with Sidy Maiga. He has been to six African countries, gathering inspiration and energy for his current project Uhuru Afrika and has played in clubs and festivals all over the world and has shared the stage with heavyweight and grammy winning artists such as Femi Kuti, Bebel Gilberto, Oumou Sangaré, Tony Allen, Antibalas, Osunlade, Thievery Corporation, King Britt and many more.


About Uhuru Afrika

Uhuru Afrika is a conscious “multi-sensory,” experience set to a unique blend of deep, soulful, Afro- rooted House music often mixed with Latin, Afrobeat, traditional tribal music, Orisha songs, and many other genres born from the African continent and the diaspora.


“Uhuru Afrika is a unique and powerful intersection of art and nightlife that challenges distinctions between the two.” –Boston Dig.


The mission is to bridge ancient traditional African music (as played by the Yoruba, the Zulu, the Maasai) and the electronic dancefloor sounds of today. Navigated by creator and resident DJ Adam Gibbons and accompanied by Malian born master percussionist Sidy Maiga, Uhuru Afrika hosts artists from all over the world to perform at their events.



Uhuru Afrika NYC Party


Showcasing artists from LA to London as well as various African countries including South Africa, Mali, Angola and Nigeria. Black Coffee, Culoe De Song, Zepherin Saint, Zaki Ibrahim, Siji, Djeff Afrozila are a few of the many international artists who have joined Uhuru Afrika for performances. Uhuru Afrika has also opened/ closed for multiple Grammy Award winners Oumou Sangaré, Femi Kuti (2x), and co-creator of Afrobeat and ex Fela Kuti drummer, Tony Allen.

Uhuru Afrika has participated in festivals and events locally, nationally and internationally including Mi Casa Holiday in Playa del Carmen, Mexico; Crossroads Puerto Rican Pride fest at Cony Island; Afrika Nyaga Drum and Dance Festival in Rhode Island; Bembe in Brooklyn, NYC; Harvard University symposium on African Dance in the diaspora, to name a few.

Trio Populaire

Gypsy Flamenco World Music at PANGEA and JetLAG Center Stage 

About Trio Populaire

On a cold day in February 2010, three friends meet for an impromptu evening of music in a small bar at Saint-Laurent Boulevard in Montreal. Each friend brings with him his good humor, some musical direction, and the pleasure of playing together will do the rest: this night will be the birth of Trio Populaire.



Since then, Tacfarinas Kichou (percussion), Joey Mallat (guitar) and Pierre Emmanuel Poizat (clarinets) have come a long way! Award winners of the Diversity of Montreal Prize in 2013, they had the opportunity to play on the stages of the Maghreb Festival, Festival des Traditions du Monde de Sherbrooke, the Networking Culture Montreal, and at numerous events in Montreal in the rest of Quebec. In addition, they have a "musical laboratory" in the Popular Bar, a recurring event allowing the trio to test new directions and new musical forms. They have an an album of six songs, played entirely by hand (and mouth), which reflects the work of this amazing trio.


Tron Sepia

Friday Night at PANGEA Stage:

delicious PSYCHEDELIC dubstep
from montreal ...

Tron Sepia





TRON is the rise of the machines

SEPIA is the ink of underwater monsters. 

The fusion of these elements fuel Eric & Mirek’s creativity as their music navigates through ripples of light & bass, celebrating both the aether & the nether.


Founded by two childhood friends, Tron Sepia showcases its unique sound with it’s debut EP WEIRD FISHES & OTHER STORIES, a midtempo form of psychedelic dubstep with cinematic influences. With their debut album HUMAN TERRITORY released on Most Addictive Records, musicians/producers Eric Laufer & Mirek Hamet along with Gabrielle Laufer’s ethereal voice take us on a psychedelic journey of melodic bass, explosive rythms and epic crescendos. 




DJ Spinach

DJ Spinach
lights up PANGEA Stage
Friday night
with a special
dance party
Mixed music
from around the




Born in Siberia, DJ Spinach spent most of his childhood in Moldova where he was exposed to a variety of folk and ethnic music. Music always fascinated him as a tool of transformation into a different reality.  
His music interests vary, and he plays Ska, Reggae, Rocksteady, Jazzy Hip-Hop, Afro Beat, Funk, Disco, Retro World music. He collects Vinyl Records and loves setting the dance floor on fire using his unique mixture of world rhythms.

DJ Spinach organize dozens of concerts and parties in NYC each year. He produces “Swingin’Penguin” Electro Swing Parties, Soviet 80′s Parties, as well Multiple Live Concerts and Events. He currently works under his own label JewFro Records Inc in collaboration with DJ Earthian. 

In collaboration with JetLAG Festival, DJ Spinach is producing a special pre-festival concert in NYC (June 17th) for Silver Wedding, JetLAG's premier musical act from Belarus debuting in the USA this year for the first time!

Check out more info about this special event here:

 DJ Spinach at pangea

DJ Spinach has been a part of JetLAG Festival since its early beginnings in 2009.
A frequent performer, guest, curator, and friend of the festival, he returns to Bear Island again this year to bless us with a taste of his killer vinyl collection. In collaboration with a Special Guest DJ, together they'll spin us into a
dizzying delirium with their juicy
Afro Beat, Funk, Balkan, Psy-Trance Fusion.





Omnitribe the band bridges eastern musical traditions with blues, folk, jazz, and modern day electronica.

Just like their musical style, the band members hail from all over; Russia, Israel, Iran and Azerbaijan come together for an experience you won't be forgetting anytime soon.

omnitribe rocks the PANGEA closing concert on
sunday afternoon



Omnitribe is known in some circles throughout the Northeast of US as a tireless
dj/promo crew, that was actively producing underground raves since the year 2001.

Accumulation of creative energy has led the remaining members of the group (Vladimir Mukhin aka DJ Kife, Dmitry Volovik aka Farmatar and Shay Raban of infamous techno duo Animaltek) to focus more on studio work, which over the years resulted in numerous collaborations and electronic music projects in diverse genres - techno, house, trance, dub, experimental and film music.

Currently, with the lead of the guitar player and composer Shay Raban, backed by the powerhouse rhythm section duo consisting of bass player Alexander Kazachkov (co-founder of Gogol Bordello) and Kaveh Haghtalab, versatile graduate of the prestigious Drummers Collective (member of Fellaheen, Sosala and many other renown musical projects), has achieved a unique sound and attracted many audiences.

The music has been described as undulating, spiral and hypnotic by fans and critics thanks to the strong bass lines played by Kazachkov and exotic, fluid and not commonly heard grooves laid down by Haghtalab.
The Band is joined by accordion player Nima Farzaneh and violinist Vadim Shalmiev and is working on great load of original material for various future showcases, performances and productions.




Poodlecannon is known for his eclectic world music set, spinning the musics of as many of the languages spoken in New York City as he can gather.

He has also DJ'd in Budapest and Pécs (Hungary), Nantes (France), Mexico City, Valle de Bravo, and Mérida (Yucatan), and has been a guest curator on Gary Sullivan’s “Bodega Pop Live” (WFMU’s Give the Drummer Some)’ “Frecuencia Balkanica” (Ciudad Radio, MX) and “El Show de Playboy” (ConexionRock, MX).

As Marc Nasdor, he is also the author of three books of poetry: “Treni in Partenza” (Temblor, 1988) “Sonnetailia” (Roof Books, 2007), and the forthcoming “Insurgentes / Avenues".

Soft Cactus

Soft Cactus is a Genre-Bending group from lowell, MA that mixes multiple styles with strong female vocals that don't hold anything back

Hitting the PANGEA Stage on
Saturday afternoon 
with their unique blues-jazz-funk-pop fusion


Artist Bio

"A band with strong musical ideas, that is unafraid to draw musical inspiration from anywhere, Soft Cactus covers a wide musical spectrum while still maintaining a focused and distinctive sound. 

Growing up in a new era of musical exposure unlike any other, where immeasurable amounts of music is available within seconds, where genres shuffle from one to the next, where music library’s are stored in a pocket, Soft Cactus absorbs all that they hear, then fuse it into a sound all of their own.

Ema Jean

About Ema Jean:


Ema Jean is a Montreal-born vocalist, guitarist, songwriter and painter living outside Dallas, Texas.

Primarily a vocalist, she is recognized for her unique sense of phrasing, and her ability to ‘play’ with her voice, coasting through various different tones, styles and languages while delivering honest, soulful and unfiltered lyric.