Omnitribe the band bridges eastern musical traditions with blues, folk, jazz, and modern day electronica.

Just like their musical style, the band members hail from all over; Russia, Israel, Iran and Azerbaijan come together for an experience you won't be forgetting anytime soon.

omnitribe rocks the PANGEA closing concert on
sunday afternoon



Omnitribe is known in some circles throughout the Northeast of US as a tireless
dj/promo crew, that was actively producing underground raves since the year 2001.

Accumulation of creative energy has led the remaining members of the group (Vladimir Mukhin aka DJ Kife, Dmitry Volovik aka Farmatar and Shay Raban of infamous techno duo Animaltek) to focus more on studio work, which over the years resulted in numerous collaborations and electronic music projects in diverse genres - techno, house, trance, dub, experimental and film music.

Currently, with the lead of the guitar player and composer Shay Raban, backed by the powerhouse rhythm section duo consisting of bass player Alexander Kazachkov (co-founder of Gogol Bordello) and Kaveh Haghtalab, versatile graduate of the prestigious Drummers Collective (member of Fellaheen, Sosala and many other renown musical projects), has achieved a unique sound and attracted many audiences.

The music has been described as undulating, spiral and hypnotic by fans and critics thanks to the strong bass lines played by Kazachkov and exotic, fluid and not commonly heard grooves laid down by Haghtalab.
The Band is joined by accordion player Nima Farzaneh and violinist Vadim Shalmiev and is working on great load of original material for various future showcases, performances and productions.