Uhuru Afrika // DJ Adam Gibbons

Saturday All night dance party  -
DJ Adam Gibbons of Uhuru Afrika brings a unique blend of deep soulful
Afro- rooted House music to the pangea stage


About DJ Adam Gibbons:

Adam Gibbons - Creator and Resident DJ of Uhuru Afrika

Working in the industry for almost 20 years, Through mind, body and soul, Adam is a creative spirit and music lover. He strives to share his passion with the crowds he plays for and in the events that he produces. Specializing in an Afro-diasporic dance floor sound, his ability to blend traditional african rhythms with modern electronic influenced music creating a

soundscape that is his own. Adam has studied African hand percussion with Bob Bloom, Faculty Advisor at the Olatunji Institute, learning the Olatunji method of traditional Yoruba percussion as well as Malian Manding tradition with Sidy Maiga. He has been to six African countries, gathering inspiration and energy for his current project Uhuru Afrika and has played in clubs and festivals all over the world and has shared the stage with heavyweight and grammy winning artists such as Femi Kuti, Bebel Gilberto, Oumou Sangaré, Tony Allen, Antibalas, Osunlade, Thievery Corporation, King Britt and many more.


About Uhuru Afrika

Uhuru Afrika is a conscious “multi-sensory,” experience set to a unique blend of deep, soulful, Afro- rooted House music often mixed with Latin, Afrobeat, traditional tribal music, Orisha songs, and many other genres born from the African continent and the diaspora.


“Uhuru Afrika is a unique and powerful intersection of art and nightlife that challenges distinctions between the two.” –Boston Dig.


The mission is to bridge ancient traditional African music (as played by the Yoruba, the Zulu, the Maasai) and the electronic dancefloor sounds of today. Navigated by creator and resident DJ Adam Gibbons and accompanied by Malian born master percussionist Sidy Maiga, Uhuru Afrika hosts artists from all over the world to perform at their events.



Uhuru Afrika NYC Party


Showcasing artists from LA to London as well as various African countries including South Africa, Mali, Angola and Nigeria. Black Coffee, Culoe De Song, Zepherin Saint, Zaki Ibrahim, Siji, Djeff Afrozila are a few of the many international artists who have joined Uhuru Afrika for performances. Uhuru Afrika has also opened/ closed for multiple Grammy Award winners Oumou Sangaré, Femi Kuti (2x), and co-creator of Afrobeat and ex Fela Kuti drummer, Tony Allen.

Uhuru Afrika has participated in festivals and events locally, nationally and internationally including Mi Casa Holiday in Playa del Carmen, Mexico; Crossroads Puerto Rican Pride fest at Cony Island; Afrika Nyaga Drum and Dance Festival in Rhode Island; Bembe in Brooklyn, NYC; Harvard University symposium on African Dance in the diaspora, to name a few.