Tron Sepia

Friday Night at PANGEA Stage:

delicious PSYCHEDELIC dubstep
from montreal ...

Tron Sepia





TRON is the rise of the machines

SEPIA is the ink of underwater monsters. 

The fusion of these elements fuel Eric & Mirek’s creativity as their music navigates through ripples of light & bass, celebrating both the aether & the nether.


Founded by two childhood friends, Tron Sepia showcases its unique sound with it’s debut EP WEIRD FISHES & OTHER STORIES, a midtempo form of psychedelic dubstep with cinematic influences. With their debut album HUMAN TERRITORY released on Most Addictive Records, musicians/producers Eric Laufer & Mirek Hamet along with Gabrielle Laufer’s ethereal voice take us on a psychedelic journey of melodic bass, explosive rythms and epic crescendos.