Poodlecannon is known for his eclectic world music set, spinning the musics of as many of the languages spoken in New York City as he can gather.

He has also DJ'd in Budapest and Pécs (Hungary), Nantes (France), Mexico City, Valle de Bravo, and Mérida (Yucatan), and has been a guest curator on Gary Sullivan’s “Bodega Pop Live” (WFMU’s Give the Drummer Some)’ “Frecuencia Balkanica” (Ciudad Radio, MX) and “El Show de Playboy” (ConexionRock, MX).

As Marc Nasdor, he is also the author of three books of poetry: “Treni in Partenza” (Temblor, 1988) “Sonnetailia” (Roof Books, 2007), and the forthcoming “Insurgentes / Avenues".