Mobile Sauna at JetLAG Festival

“Step into a sauna, and close the door to the rest of the world.”

Experience Rejuvenation and Well Being AT our Finnish Sauna (Banya) at PANGEA'S Healing Village!


The banya experience is only $10 if you register in advance.
Buy your ticket now! 



Early Birds Special:

FREE complimentary Platza massage + 20% Discount on our Sauna Brooms (whisk, venik) selection and other Health and Wellness Products


the ultimate new concept in Sauna technology - now it's Mobile!

All the enjoyment of Sauna brought directly to you.

Experience the pleasure and wellness enhancing benefits conveniently available at the location of your choice: Home, Office, Outdoor or anywhere at all with Mobile Sauna.

Also you can enjoy Massage, Platza, Herbal Treatment, Facial, Body Scrubs and much more!



Feel free to contact Mobile Sauna via Email: or Phone 781-654-5522