Trio Populaire

Gypsy Flamenco World Music at PANGEA and JetLAG Center Stage 

About Trio Populaire

On a cold day in February 2010, three friends meet for an impromptu evening of music in a small bar at Saint-Laurent Boulevard in Montreal. Each friend brings with him his good humor, some musical direction, and the pleasure of playing together will do the rest: this night will be the birth of Trio Populaire.



Since then, Tacfarinas Kichou (percussion), Joey Mallat (guitar) and Pierre Emmanuel Poizat (clarinets) have come a long way! Award winners of the Diversity of Montreal Prize in 2013, they had the opportunity to play on the stages of the Maghreb Festival, Festival des Traditions du Monde de Sherbrooke, the Networking Culture Montreal, and at numerous events in Montreal in the rest of Quebec. In addition, they have a "musical laboratory" in the Popular Bar, a recurring event allowing the trio to test new directions and new musical forms. They have an an album of six songs, played entirely by hand (and mouth), which reflects the work of this amazing trio.