Circle Healing Prayer Ceremony with Siberian Shamans

Circle Healing Prayer Ceremony with Siberian Shamans Lilelle and Ladamira

Join us on Sunday morning
as we prayer together in a circle meditation for peace on earth



The Circle Healing Prayer Ceremony for Peace on Earth is a one of a kind technique for group meditative prayer practice rooted in ancient Slavic wisdom.
Guided by two Siberian Shamans, the ceremony is a hugely successful, unique approach to unlocking the potential of our Consciousness for Healing and Self Development.

As a special gift, the workshop will start with a meditative journeying to the magical places of subconscious world through integration of sound vibration of shamanic music instruments.




Ladamira is a ninth generation holistic healer who was the first one of eight people on the whole planet to be initiated into the mysteries of Indo Tibetan healing method.

In 2014-2015, Ladamira organized and hosted charity seminars “Slavic Tradition” in CIS countries. In 2 decades of her educational and peacemaking work, Ladamira has carried out more than one thousand projects helping families and orphaned children.

Ladamira facilitated the monthly peacemaking social actions “Pray and save.” In total, she organized 16 tours to support war victims in Syria, Ukraine and India.

Ladamira is the author of online charity courses “Bereginya”, which teaches Slavic traditions of self healing and helping others.

Ladamira is the leader and organizer of charity Skype video conferences for children out of dysfunctional families, and as a result of her work more than 600 young people found their place in the world and formed happy families.

Ladamira is recognized as peacemaker by the Ukrainian Fond “Donbass Children.”

Ladamira has arranged more than 50 ceremonies for the world salvation.




Lilelle is a Priestess of Slavic shamanism, and founder of the international charity movement, 
Circle Healing Prayer.

Lilelle teaches seminars and does charity events throughout North/South America, Western/Eastern Europe and Asia.

 For the last 10 years she has been using GUYD hypnotherapy and powerful teachings from the Siberian Shamanism to conduct rituals and ceremonies encompassing all spheres of life; healing and harmonizing physical and spiritual health, relationships, and solutions to success.