Ecstatic Breathing with Luba Saraswati

Ecstatic Breath as the Tantric Pulse of Life

This is not the calm breathing of meditation or yoga. Several kinds of breathing techniques are very simple yet effective for moving into a ‘zone’ of body/mind unity. But one breath pattern in particular, works like magic for getting us back in touch with our sexual-side and our compressed sexual energy.

Get ready for full body bliss

About Luba Saraswati

Teacher and inspiration to hundreds of people, Luba represents the ancient wisdom and modern knowledge/expertise necessary to educate, empower and spark spiritual practitioners of the 21st century to seize the whole new dimension of possibilities and become true creators of their world. Founder of the acclaimed Galiana Meditation Retreat and Anima Mundi Institute, writer and speaker on the subjects of wellness, personal growth and tantric sexuality, she believes that life is sacred and every moment of it is priceless.


Learn what your inner masculine and feminine feel like, sound like and look like. Do they like each other, do they hear each other, do they act in harmony? Learn how to turn on your masculine or feminine as needed - to be in full presence, like a rock in the middle of the storm or .. to flow, let go and improvise. You will learn the art of structured improvisation, where feminine dances in the container provided by the masculine - necessary skills to achieve anything you want with ease and grace.