Silver Wedding

The Cabaret-band Silver Wedding, or Serebryanaya Svadba (Серебряная Свадьба) is one of the most unexpected indie bands to hit belorussia in the past 15 years. 

well-known in Russia and Ukraine, they perform alternative cabaret with an eclectic choice of musical and artistic influences.

Playing for the first time in the USA at JetLag Festival this year!



Artistically speaking, “Silver Wedding” has had an incredibly unusual and mind-boggling music career. Over the past ten years, they have progressively transformed from a traveling puppet show, to a genre they invented themselves called ‘suburban chanson’, to a mobile musical theater that tackles the most pertinent of existential questions. They single handedly elevated the genre of ‘Cabaret’ in terms of aesthetics, a genre which prior to them, would seem hardly appropriate for any category other than “retro”.


And so, happily dwelling in the paradigm of a newly crafted ‘Cabaret’, “Silver Wedding” does not employ the velvet curtains and lace panties of the past so common to ‘Cabaret’ as one would think, but instead in their music, they speak to the eternal problems of war and peace, love and treachery, and the struggle of the common man and the Big State.

Silver Wedding -
"Adieu, la tête"

"one of the single most interesting and exciting groups to emerge in the in Post-Soviet music scene in Eastern Europe" 
Artemii Troitskovo, Russian Music Critic

Silver Wedding -
"Hands on Experience"


Silver Wedding - "Ag"