Gerbert Morales and Jah Division


Gera Morales, self-proclaimed 'Reggae-King' of Russia, first performed in the US at JetLAG Festival 2015.
This native to Russia was born to a Cuban father who fought with Che Geauvara and a Russian dissident mother; he tells the story of roots reggae in a completely unique style.


Gerbert Morales is the stenography of emotions that spread in a wide range from ''real-art-must-be-sad'' mode to something both tranquil as the ocean after storm and wild like a waterfall in the mountains. Those lost it times and denying love will reacquire it after the encounter with Gera Morales' soul laboratory. In —Āhemistry with Vanya Zhuk, the iconic Russian reggae-troubadour will present Jah Division hits and new songs to the lyrics by Joseph Brodsky, Daniil Kharms, Arseniy Tarkovsky, Alexander Vvedensky, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Alexandr Galich's songs and Alexandr Vertinsky's romances.




Jah Division: Cubana