Silver Wedding

The Cabaret-band Silver Wedding, or Serebryanaya Svadba (Серебряная Свадьба) is one of the most unexpected indie bands to hit belorussia in the past 15 years. 

well-known in Russia and Ukraine, they perform alternative cabaret with an eclectic choice of musical and artistic influences.

Playing for the first time in the USA at JetLag Festival this year!



Artistically speaking, “Silver Wedding” has had an incredibly unusual and mind-boggling music career. Over the past ten years, they have progressively transformed from a traveling puppet show, to a genre they invented themselves called ‘suburban chanson’, to a mobile musical theater that tackles the most pertinent of existential questions. They single handedly elevated the genre of ‘Cabaret’ in terms of aesthetics, a genre which prior to them, would seem hardly appropriate for any category other than “retro”.


And so, happily dwelling in the paradigm of a newly crafted ‘Cabaret’, “Silver Wedding” does not employ the velvet curtains and lace panties of the past so common to ‘Cabaret’ as one would think, but instead in their music, they speak to the eternal problems of war and peace, love and treachery, and the struggle of the common man and the Big State.

Silver Wedding -
"Adieu, la tête"

"one of the single most interesting and exciting groups to emerge in the in Post-Soviet music scene in Eastern Europe" 
Artemii Troitskovo, Russian Music Critic

Silver Wedding -
"Hands on Experience"


Silver Wedding - "Ag"

Gerbert Morales and Jah Division


Gera Morales, self-proclaimed 'Reggae-King' of Russia, first performed in the US at JetLAG Festival 2015.
This native to Russia was born to a Cuban father who fought with Che Geauvara and a Russian dissident mother; he tells the story of roots reggae in a completely unique style.


Gerbert Morales is the stenography of emotions that spread in a wide range from ''real-art-must-be-sad'' mode to something both tranquil as the ocean after storm and wild like a waterfall in the mountains. Those lost it times and denying love will reacquire it after the encounter with Gera Morales' soul laboratory. In сhemistry with Vanya Zhuk, the iconic Russian reggae-troubadour will present Jah Division hits and new songs to the lyrics by Joseph Brodsky, Daniil Kharms, Arseniy Tarkovsky, Alexander Vvedensky, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Alexandr Galich's songs and Alexandr Vertinsky's romances.




Jah Division: Cubana

Fedorov and Kruzenshtern

The unique melodies and charismatic vocals of Leonid Fedorov coupled with the powerful and rhythm section of avant-rock group Kruzenshtern & Parohod gives rise to a project unlike any other.


Fedorov, of the Russian rock band Auktyon, has been performing at JetLAG since 2009.

Each year he returns to rock our hearts and our Saturday night stage with a new project.

Fedorov & Kruzenshtern - a collaboration between Leonid Fedorov (Auktyon) and Igor Krutogolov (Kruzenshtern & Parohod) with participation from Dmitri Ozerskiy, and musicians from Israeli avant-rock band Kruzenshtern & Parohod (Ruslan Gross – clarinet, Guy Shechter – drums)


Fedorov/  Auktyon

Kruzenshtern ii Parohod: Badbadbadbad


Fedorov and KruzenshterN: Tayl




Leonid Fedorov

Emblematic figure of the Russian rock-music, also known as one of the most interesting musicians-experimenters, who has collaborated with leading avant-jazz bass player Vladimir Volkov and Volkovtrio; poets Alexey Hvostenko and Anri Volokhonskiy; folklorists Sergey Starostin and Andrey Kotov; composer and thinker Vladimir Martynov; virtuoso violinist Tatyana Grindenko; leader of the band “Ne Zhdali” Leonid Soybelman; stars of New York “new” music Marc Ribot, John Medeski, Ned Rothenberg, Frank London, Ches Smith, and many others.



Kruzenshtern & Parohod

“Karate-boxing-jazz” – that’s how musicians of the Israeli band refer to their style, attempting to classify their music. Jewish melodies, teeth-breaking hard-core, progressive rock, and free-jazz are fused into a dense musical stream. Bassist, composer, multi-instrumentalist and improviser Igor Krutogolov writes all the music for the band, in which powerful sound is balanced with piercing melodies, depth, and ironic ease.